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CCTV Systems

We are NSI gold certified for the Design, Installation and Maintenance of CCTV systems. Our systems are professionally installed and maintained by our own team of engineers.

Our systems are used for many different purposes, whether it be a site overview, identification of individuals exiting / entering a building, Health and Safety compliance, deterrence of crime or to actively reduce retail shrinkage. So if you require a system at your home, to monitor and protect your premises, outbuildings, vehicles or children, or you have a business that requires protection against the threat of fraud, theft or vandalism, we can offer you a solution.

CCTV can provide an excellent overview of what has happened at your premises and can be instrumental in being able to prove beyond doubt a sequence of events. CCTV can also allow real time images to be viewed as events as they occur, allowing home owners / business managers to react accordingly as situations evolve.

CCTV images can simply be recorded locally at your premises or alternatively you may wish for alarm images to be transmitted off site to our NSI Gold RVRC (Remote Video Receiving Centre). Here an operator can verify what the situation is and respond accordingly to your instructions.

Video footage can be viewed at the recording equipment or alternatively you may wish to view alarms / alerts remotely and we have Smartphone apps and computer software that will enable you to do so.

We can offer a range of professional cameras, whether digital IP or analogue; fixed or fully functional, allowing tours of duty to be recorded / or an operator to directly control a camera. We have built in / additional infra red illumination options and can provide number plate recognition solutions.

We can provide CCTV analytics on either a system or per camera basis. Using this technology your system can be programmed to report on abnormalities or patterns of prohibited behaviour, e.g. a vehicle failing to observe a one way system, people gaining unauthorised access to a controlled area. A “shopper” removing too many items etc.

Dependent upon your requirements, our systems comply with either BS8418, allowing the use of detector activated CCTV and having the ability of a Police response or BSEN50132-7 / NCP104.

As with all of our systems we provide high grade solutions suitable for Domestic, Commercial, Institutional  sites and building of specific interest including private and those open to the public.


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