Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguisher servicing should be carried out regularly to ensure that all units are in good working order.

An approved technician should check the pressure gauge, operation, condition and seals of the extinguisher, replacing all O Ring seals and anti-tamper devices as part of each service. The technician should also check the fire extinguisher markings, signage and location to ensure that all are visible and correct, as well as being suitable for the building in which they are installed.

Our technicians have been trained by the FIA and BAFE to ensure that they are competent and knowledgeable about fire risks, extinguisher operation and maintenance, as well as surveying the risk of a property to ascertain your requirements as laid out in British Standard 5306.

We are also able to supply new units at very competitive costs, with all new units coming pre-serviced and commissioned as recommended by the relevant UK standards.

Whilst some of our competitors may offer very low-cost initial servicing, in our experience we find that customers are charged over the odds for new extinguishing units when replacements are required. We aim to provide a balanced and fair cost for both servicing and the supply of new and replacement items.

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Protect your property and people from fire by regularly maintaining your fire extinguishers.

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