Intruder Alarm Systems

We install, maintain and provide support for Intruder Alarm Systems

We hold NSI gold accreditation, allowing us to certify systems, suitable for both Insurance Company Requirements and for Police Response.

We have a range of European Graded Systems, suitable for Commercial, Domestic and Industrial Properties, using both Hard Wired and Wireless technology, all having the ability of remote support from our own customer support team.

Smartphone apps are available for many of our systems allowing you to view and control your system.

Our solutions allow you to interact with the system in a variety of methods, whether this be directly via a keypad, by using a proximity tag, radio keyfob, or via an integrated access control system.

In addition to the standard method of intrusion detection, we are able to supply and install Dual technology movement sensors; inertia detection, alerting when the surface that the detector has been fixed to experiences a shock loading, e.g. a door or window frame, a vault or safe etc; Breakglass detection, where appropriate, as its name implies providing an alert on the detection of breaking glass; Temperature detection, warning if an area is getting too cold e.g. a vacant property, or too warm e.g. a lab or server room;

On systems installed into homes we are able to integrate carbon monoxide, smoke and heat detection on to your intruder alarm system. On commercial sites or buildings open to the public we generally install dedicated fire alarm systems.

I would like to thank the engineer for his unfailing consideration, courtesy and kindness in instructing her on the use of her system.”

Mrs Hogston

Comprehensive Intruder Alarm Systems

Our intruder alarm systems can be extended to provide either fixed or body-worn panic alarms, allowing for a versatile approach to security. We offer protection for compounds, driveways, and remote buildings, ensuring that our customers are fully covered no matter the layout of their property.

Integrated Security Solutions

We are committed to providing integrated security solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers. Our offerings include automated gates with driveway audible notification, visual verification via CCTV, and building access control. All of these systems can be controlled from one central system, allowing for easy management and peace of mind. Whether accessed via a keypad, touchscreen, computer, or smartphone app, our customers have complete control over their security system.

We believe in providing our clients with the latest technology

and most reliable security systems available