Personal Attack / Lone Worker

We supply a range of Personal Attack and lone worker solutions

We supply a range of Personal Attack and lone worker solutions.

These can be integrate with our intruder alarm systems, or supplied as standalone systems.

Fixed and wireless Panic Alarm Buttons can be configured to activate local sounders, or Smoke Cloak units and most importantly can send a signal off site to inform the Alarm Receiving Centre that assistance / Police response is required.

We can integrate Panic Alarms with our CCTV systems, allowing a control room operator to see what is happening at the site, e.g. at a retail counter of a petrol station, a business reception or a domestic hallway.

Alternatively you may have members of staff dealing with the public in consultation or meeting rooms, e.g. a Health centre, Solicitors office etc. and have a requirement to have a “local” on site response, in the event of a member of staff being threatened.

Thank you to all involved in getting our system sorted out so quickly

Mrs Allen

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