Refuge/Emergency Voice Communication Systems

We are able to install and maintain EVC systems

Emergency Voice Communication systems should be installed in buildings where:

  • Persons may have difficulty negotiating an exit route

  • There are phased evacuation plans in place

  • Where the layout of the building calls for secure communications between remote locations and a central control point (i.e., stages of a stairwell where wheelchair access is not available without mains power)

  • At large venues where they may assist in the control of a safe evacuation.

Your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) should denote your requirement for an Emergency Voice Communication system

We are able to install and maintain EVC systems, with BS5839 part 9 recommending two yearly maintenance visits to ensure continued operation. Please contact our friendly and experienced office team for more information.

The engineer was very considerate and took his time explaining how the system worked.

Mrs Nelson

We take a personalised approach to every installation

ensuring that your security system is tailored to your specific needs