Smoke/Fogging Devices

Smoke cloak is classified as a fogging device

Smoke cloak is classified as a fogging device. In the event of an alarm condition a safe Food grade glycol mixture is pumped from a holding reservoir where it then expands rapidly into a dense white fog and is propelled swiftly into the protected space.

This forms a very effective method of preventing theft. Smoke Cloak’s original marketing leaflets had the strap line of “what you can’t see, you can’t steel”. The product came to being after multiple raids on the creator of smoke cloak, Paul Dards business premises in the early 1990’s.  By the mid 1990’s we were purchasing and installing Smoke Cloak units. Over the last 20 years the product has evolved with different capacity models being produced to cover many different environments, including an offering to protect vehicles.

The most recent addition to the Smoke cloak offering is “DNA Marked”. This option uses a different variant of the Smoke Cloak Glycol Fluid which contains a site specific uniquely coded and uncopiable taggant (microscopic particle).

This results in a high resolution DNA trace within the smoke, allowing criminals to be forensically linked to the crime scene, and stolen items positively identified

Thank you to all involved in getting our system sorted out so quickly

Mrs Allen

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